November 19, 2015

D*Funk will be at Cappy’s Hotspot December 18

Hey D*Funk friends and fans,

Please join D*Funk band at Cappy’s Hot Spot Friday, December 18. We have some cool new material we will be playing and our lead vocalists, Tyi and Kevin will add that special touch that will get you on the floor dancing the night away. Showtime is 9:30. We would love to see you out partying with us.

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November 4, 2015

D*Funk is not playing Cappy’s this Saturday, November 7th.

D*Funk Fans:

We apologize that we are having to cancel our show at Cappy’s this Saturday. We will be back at Cappy’s in December 15th. Sorry for any inconvenience we will see you soon.

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October 22, 2015

Join D*Funk at Cappy’s Hot Spot on November 7

Hey Friends and Fans,

Fall is here and and November is around the corner. Join us at Cappy’s November 7 for a D*Funk show. We have some cool new material and are really excited about our lineup and show. Showtime is 9:30. Hope you can make it.

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September 12, 2015

D*FUNK is at Cappy’s October 3rd

Hey Friends,

We are playing Cappy’s Saturday, October 3rd. We will be introducing to you our newest member, bassist Henry Jacobs. Show starts at 9:30. Put the date on your calendar.

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August 24, 2015

D*Funk at Cappy’s Hot Spot this Friday, this is Jamie’s last show with us.

Friends and Fans:

Join us this Friday, August 28th, at Cappy’s Hot Spot for our bassist Jamie Cox’s last show with D*Funk. Jamie has been an original member of D*Funk from the beginning and has been with the core of D*Funk players for 14 plus years. His contribution has been significant along with his friendship. Due to a job promotion, he has had to make a decision that will be a career advancement that he can’t turn down. Obviously both Jamie and D*Funk would have liked to work this out, but his situation is such that he has had to make a difficult decision to leave the band but this move will benefit he and his family and will contribute to his career. We hope you can come out and party with us and get a chance to talk to Jamie at his last show. Show starts at 9:30, mark your calendars.

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August 14, 2015

D*Funk is in search of a bassist.

D*Funk Friends and Fans:

D*Funk band is looking for a bassist to replace our long time bass player, Jamie Cox. Unfortunately, circumstances have developed and Jamie is going to have to leave the band after 14 years of playing with us. We are conducting auditions right now and if you or anyone you know is interested please contact Geno at the following email address.

We are looking for a bassist who preferably knows funk music, is dependable, willing to commit to making practices, learning parts, is reliable and a team player. We are booked and trying to make the transition as smooth and quickly as possible.


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August 8, 2015

D*Funk is appearing at Southpointe Mall Friday, August 21 for a free concert.

Hey D*Funk Friends:

Come check out D*Funk at Southpointe Shopping Mall Friday, August 21. We play 6:30-8:30 and will close out this seasons Southpointe Concert Series. We hope you can make it and celebrate a great summer and there also will be a local charity that will be taking donations for an excellent cause. Put it on your calendar and join us for a 2 hour concert. We hope to see you there.

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July 16, 2015

D*Funk is introducing our new male lead singer, Kevin Witcher

Greetings D*Funk Fans and Friends:

Saturday, July 25th D*Funk will debut our new male lead vocalist, Kevin Witcher. He is replacing our current lead vocalist Lucas Kellison. Lucas has made a huge contribution to D*Funk and really had an impact on our vocal and instrumental sound and brought in a very high level of musicianship. We appreciate his friendship, his effort and wish him the best. Our new lead vocalist, Kevin Witcher, was introduced to us by Lucas and is a very dynamic performer with an amazing vocal range. Kevin played in bands on the east coast and is a very seasoned performer. It should be one hell of a show. We take the stage at 9:30, join us.

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July 9, 2015

D*Funk Band is at Cunningham’s in Kearney July 10-11

Hey D*Funk Fans:

Need a break from Lincoln, join D*Funk at Cunningham’s in Kearney this weekend July 10-11. Friday’s show starts at 7:30 and Saturday’s show starts at 8pm. The beer garden is where the party is happening and if you haven’t been to Cunningham’s you need to check it out. There’s great food and atmosphere at Cunningham’s and it truly is a great place to hear music. Get out of Lincoln and join us for a fun weekend. We hope you can make it !

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June 25, 2015

D*Funk fans: Saturday night at Cappy’s is Lucas’ last show at Cappy’s.

Lucas Kellison, D*Funk’s lead male vocalist and front man is moving on and will be play his last bar show with D*Funk this Saturday, June 27th at Cappy’s. Lucas has decided that he needs to step down and focus on family, his own band and running his studio, Sam Sons Studio. Lucas is also a full time teacher at Lincoln Southeast High School. We appreciate all of his hard work in keeping the strength and integrity of D*Funk at it’s highest level. He has truly helped us grow as a band and put is in a position to move forward with a new dynamite talent, Mr. Kevin Witcher. Lucas and Kevin are friends and Lucas introduced Kevin to D*Funk. As you will see Kevin is a special performer. Don’t miss Lucas’ last show at Cappy’s and come check out D*Funk new front male vocalist, Kevin Witcher. Showtime is 9:30.

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